Facebook Internship
Jun 2020 - SEP 2020
Shaping the Future of Virtual Social Interaction
I got the chance to join Facebook Reality Labs (AR/VR design team) in Seattle, WA and worked on the future of avatars as part of the metaverse software design team.
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12 weeks
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In summer 2020, I got the chance to join Facebook Reality Labs in Seattle, WA as part of the avatar design team. I had a successful internship working mainly on the Oculus avatar editor as well as the vision for avatars across Facebook's family of apps. Having joined Facebook as a rare combination of strategic product designer & prototyper, I was able to have significant impact driving critical product and design decisions as well as influencing interaction and UX.
This work is restricted under NDA!Ā For more information and further details, please do not hesitate to contact me!
Core Project
My core project dealt with empowering users to act with confidence in every community through their avatars. Over the course of 12 weeks, IĀ collaborated closely with my manager, content strategists, UX researchers, product managers, and engineers to perfect a product proposal for the avatar editor on Oculus.
IĀ also had the chance to present my project to executive leadership and it is now planned for release in H2 of 2021.
In detail, IĀ made impact in the following areas over the course of my internship:
Product Thinking & Product Strategy
I used strategic frameworks to define problems, risks, core decisions and leveraged user research to further develop my design solutions.

Visual Design
IĀ created complex user flows that are closely aligned with the Oculus design system and Oculus brand guidelines.

Interaction Design & Prototyping in 2D and 3D
Whereas Facebook (and other companies) usually have specialized employees who rapidly prototype user flows in AR/VR (3D), due to my coding and prototyping knowledge, which is still unusual for designers, I could own a bigger spectrum of the project and had more impact by rapidly prototyping my design concepts right away without having to rely on Product Design Prototypers to allocate time which made my overall design process much more efficient than it is the case for traditional product designers. As we are inevitably transitioning towards a future in 3D and AR wearable glasses becoming mainstream fairly soon, I consider this the future of the responsibilities of the product design job and I always like to be a step ahead of the game. ā€ā€
Special thanks to my manager Dino, my team manager Katya, Stefani, Minzi, John, Christian, Mike, Ryan, Ayfer, Jon as well as the entire social discovery team including but not limited to Layton, Matt, Emily, Sherry and some of the other great interns this summer including Jenny, Morgan, Monica, Michael, just to name a few. Lastly, thanks to my recruiters, Ryan, Sarah, and Ula for making this amazing opportunity happen in the first place.